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HINCAPIÉ & MOLINA CONSULTORES offers its wide experience in litigation matters and out of court disputes that emerge from International Trade especially the issues related, directly or indirectly, with the traffic of goods from one place to another, including all the topics of transportation and its diverse modalities, as well as the insurances that cover these activities.

HINCAPIÉ & MOLINA CONSULTORES was created in the year 1.998 with the main objective to offer, to the national and international market, the services of a group of professional experts in matters related with international trade.

Our objective has always been to assist our clients in the needs in a direct manner. It is due to them that our offices are strategically located in Bogotá the capital of the country and in Cartagena, one of the most well known ports at international level. From our headquarters we are able to attend the main activities related with the international trade.

Our expertise and ongoing training interest, let us always at the forefront in terms of possible solutions to our clients concerns or difficulties in matters mainly related to civil liability, maritime law, customs, ports, tax, public law, transportation, foreign investment, mercantile contracting procedures , insurance and reinsurance. The growing globalization has encouraged us to celebrate alliances with correspondents in different countries in the world, thus to be able to offer the required specialized attention at any time. moment. Thanks to a professional team integrated by lawyers dedicated to attend our clients with efficiency and quality service and with a proven experience and knowledge level, we have been able to create a successful and respected Firm within the national and international context.


Our Firm offers its wide experience in handling contentious and non contentious matters generated from international trade procedures specifically those issues which are related directly or indirectly with merchandise delivery from one place to another, including all the transportation aspects in its different modalities, as well as insurance which will safeguard the assets included in such activities. Our labor starts with consultancies and continues throughout the different steps towards the total participation required in the legal procedures. Many of our cases involve the attention of contractual or non-contractual civil liability claims, which at the same time involve insurance schemes concerning transportation, hull, P&I, general and special civil liability, (D&O, ports, port operators among others), and workmen compensation scheme social security matters.

We also have a wide knowledge of the main business contractual practices, in claims handling and litigations in the marine, ports, custom and the mercantile fields, and in general in areas fields where the Firm is highly required by the insurance/reinsurance market as well as by the risk companies. Having into account the dynamics fluidity of the maritime and port market`s negotiations, and the consequent increase of claims within this sector, our consultancy lawyer team operates 24 /7 at world level.


Our customers require a high degree of professionalism combined with integrity, innovation, efficient and practical solutions to their needs, which means the best service available in the legal practice. Our lawyers have a high degree of skills and unconditional commitment to the vocation of requirements we offer receive in the best interests of our clients, as the areas of specialization are pursued with devotion, passion and dedication.

Juan Guillermo Hincapié Molina

Attorney at law, from Universidad Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, with a Magister Degree in Maritime Law and International Maritime Negotiations from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas- ICADE - Madrid - Spain, , specialized in Reinsurance, Alois Alzheimer Program from Munchener Ruck in Germany. Consultant lawyer, Assistant Legal Manager, Assistant Reinsurance Manager and Advisor to the Presidency of Previsora de Seguros company; Automobile Manager, Transportation Manager and Net Worth Risk Manager, as well as Technical Vice-president of Seguros Colmena; Advisor of Law Firms in England, Canada, U.S.A. and Spain; Training with Insurance and Reinsurance brokers in the German and English Market. Commercial and Technical Manager of Robinson Ford Ltda. Reinsurance Brokers; Marine Manager of Aon Re de Colombia, Reinsurance brokers. Professor at the universities of Externado de Colombia, Autónoma de Bucaramanga, Navy School, Universidad de San Buenaventura at Cartagena, Lecturer before Financial Entities and Advisor to marine/ Port companies and to reinsurance companies, as well as to multinational companies in marine, port, administrative, commercial and customs matters. Marine broker of Lambert Fenchurch de Colombia / UIB Colombia , arbitrator admited in to the list of commerce chambers of Bogota, Barranquilla and Cartagena and Partner of Hincapié & Molina Consultores. Languages: German and English.

Contact: juangh@hincapiemolina.com

Jaime Hernando Hincapié Molina

Lawyer from the Universidad Gran Colombia, specializing in Administrative Law - Universidad Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Professor of the Chair of General, Special and Procedural Administrative Law, Constitutional Law - Universidad Católica, Professor of the Diploma in Administrative Contracting - University of Savannah. Trial Lawyer and Advisor. Partner of the firm.

Contact: Jaimehh@hincapiemolina.com